The A.S.Q. (The Annika Skoogh Quartet) are an exciting band and led by Swedish singer Annika Skoogh. Annika is a vibrant jazz singer with a natural talent who brings a special blend of Scandinavian charm and Latin flavour to her performances. The band’s music is innovative and fresh interpretations of timeless jazz standards, songs by other composers and original compositions arranged in an imaginative way with strong tones of Latin. Annika’s ensemble of highly accomplished musicians and some of the finest are; Tom Berge (keys), Al Swainger (electric bass) and Coach York (drums). The band’s debut album is out now and available to purchase from the Home Page or alternatively catch Annika and/or the band live and purchase a signed copy of the album at an upcoming live show. Please visit Annika’s Live Shows page to find out where Annika and her band are playing next and the Media page to see and hear the band in action.